What is 5G and what does it mean for me?

I started looking in to this issue to find the risk assessments for the effect on people, to date I have yet to find the answer to my initial investigation. I have only found risk assessments on intrusion and security of the 5G network.


Whilst looking in to this I was asked “what does this actually mean?” So I dutifully translated what the implications of 5G were in terms that were not full of jargon and technobabble. So here is my slightly modified translation of what the implications of what 5G are. This tale only relates to the development of the public internet and not the likes DARPA and ARPANET


“The history of the internet can be thought of like this…. In the beginning people walked everywhere along dirt tracks and it ages for anyone to get anywhere, this was the age of the Bell 103 dialup modem with its connection speed of 300bps. Then man figured out they could ride horses along established tracks and could travel 4x faster, this was the Bell 212 with its connection speed of 1200bps.

Then the tracks were widened and two horses could pass side by side (modems had reached the speed of 9.6kbps), then the tracks were tarmacked (14.4kbps), then widened in to dual carriage ways (28.8kbps).

Then the motor car was invented reaching speeds of 33.6kbps, then the car was developed further and performance increased to 56kbps. From there we have since seen the development of dedicated broadband and fibre optic networks the equivalent in our story of 4 lane multi-layered super highways.


So where does 5G fit in? Whilst all this relates to the cabled internet, the wireless and mobile networks progressed in a similar vein. Starting with the kites in china (introduction of the first mobile phone in 1983 by Motorola) through to the Wright brothers first flight (1992 the first commercial text message). Then on to the development of the spitfire (IBM’s first truly smart phone “Simon”) and more advanced military aircraft (GSM) on to commercial air busses (3G). Then we move on to the supersonic Concorde! (4G), so where does this put 5G? 5G is estimated to have a 100MB connection with a 10GB backbone (ok just a bit techie), this is the equivalent of the proposed “space liner” for your mobile phone.


Going back to our earlier example of the roads, your phone is like your vehicle, a robin reliant is still a robin reliant, even if it is on a 4 lane multi-layer highway. In order to use higher speed networks to their full capacity you will need a higher spec phone.”

For more information see:

Nokia : https://networks.nokia.com/innovation/5g

5G PPP : https://bscw.5g-ppp.eu/pub/bscw.cgi/d109629/5G-ENSURE_D2.3-RiskAssessmentMitigationRequirements.pdf

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